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PARFIT Compressed Air

PARFIT Compressed Air

Medium Pressure Filter Pi 340

Nominal pressure 250/315/350 bar (3560/4480/4980 psi), nominal size up to 450 (also available with filter elements acc. to DIN 24550)

Suction filter Pi 1710

Suction Filter Pi 1710 up to NG 480

Filter elements for liquid filters

Filter elements for liquid filters * Degree of filtration 2 µm up to 500 µm * Nominal size 5 up to 1800 * Differential pressure resistant up to 210 bar (3045 psi)

Par Fit™ Elements Competitive Interchanges

The Par Fit™ range offers end users, maintenance engineers and manufacturers a range of over 30,000 Parker Parfit quality interchange elements using Microglass lll and Ecoglass lll media. Reduce stockholding, cut costs and ensure reliable and quality filter performance.